Mother Daughter Art Time

A good way to start a new year, don't you think?



Making art for me can be a very solitary experience.  Hours alone in my messy studio...which is how I like it. I also enjoy being around other art makers and experiencing their process. Yes, there is lots of mess and maybe a little chaos. I find that refreshing and energizing. THEREFORE...I teach or at least facilitate these super fun "art camps".  And every time I get to witness each artist's personal journey facing doubt, fear and apprehension (or not) and finding her way to a happy artful ending. 

But I'm not an ARTIST, you say?

When an adult or young adult says that to me, I always ask, "What happened?"  There is almost always a story. Something negative was said or done (I hate to say it, but usually by an "old fashioned" art teacher). Some trauma that resulted in the decision that it is safer to say "I'm not good at art. I can't draw a straight line. I'm not an ARTIST." Sad I say because we are all born artists. If you don't believe me come into my classroom with 5 and 6 years olds.  Art making is a native talent that gets killed off through the process of growing up and becoming adults.  If you hang around with me or with kids you get to try being a native artist again. Picasso actually said that he spent most of his time trying to get back to his 5 year old self again. Dude, I totally get it. 

Gorgeous women artists with their creations.